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which stock would you like to join ?
cardigan $15
black tights $13
old navy shirt $9
elmo shirt $20
dress $15
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♡ 141007.

> 080207 started!
Email/Msn :jacquelinetay@hotmail.com
to Clarify Doubts
Meetups or POSB Bank Transfer>
Swapped are welcome but will add $3 to the original price + interested
Any enquires email or msn me , i will reply (:
Bidding will occur if 2 or more buyers are interested, even if item is on reservation
No refund
Must give full amount
Dead , Mia , last min backout buyers will be blacklisted
- Late more than 1/2 hour without turning up
- Doesnt want buy after reserving
Meetups at :
- Yio chu kang mrt
- Ang mo kio mrt
is either this 2 area , $2.00 will be charged if go to your convenience places (mrt)

3- The belt is very pretty. haha. Hmm, the edges are a lil black tht's all, but no worries, it is still good. (: ty
7- haha err I like the shirt alot! Thanks ;D
8- Haha.. okayys (:uhms.. ure very gd lohs.. N thnks for waiting for me :)
10- MY DEAR ! you're prettypretty(: & so sorry to make you wait (: hehhs~
12- Fast and efficient seller =) Once she receives payment, she'll out immediately and you'll get to see your item in a few days.
17-The necklaces you customised are **preety preeety**x] jia you ohhhs!Good seller hu reply fast and mail out itemsOnce receiving payment =DD
18.1-Very patient and efficient seller! (: Will continue to visit/patronise her blogshop in the future.
18.2-I received the items today. They are in good condition and i'm very satisfied with it.
Thank you very much for the good services you have provided :)
18.3-got the tee. very effficient seller.. doesnt delay ur items. kep up the good work girl!! =)
18.4-heyyyy! i receveived the top already ya, thanks (:
18.5-Heyy! Thanks for the missyshirt, yr a great dealer
18.6-i've received the top already (: thnks loads * =D
19-hiies !! thankks f0r t0dayy . ii h0pe in future can buy from y0u again =]] takescares. mayy i bless y0u that ur bl0g had cleared all the stuff
19&20-Hey! thanks for the necklace & belt. nice! 23-sorry for the trouble..but i really admire your service..thanks a lot^^..And you are very pretty^^
25_28-Thanks , GOOD serivce :D
42-43-Thanks for the things. They are simply lovely. I will sure patronise you shop again(: hope to get your comment back too(:
19-Hey ! I received the items. its nice and thanks you, will order from you again! Thanks alot . :-D
57-62-this seller's patient & kind! she waited for me cus i'm late for 15-20mins & agreed to meet me somewhea near where i live. gave me a good price too {: $26 to $23, $3 disc, wow! thanks (:
18-fast and efficient seller.helps you check stock and colour and everything. willing to go the extra mile. you're awesome. thanks.ROCKON. =D
29-Thanks so much for being so patient! You're a patient and friendly seller!
71-Received :D thanks alot :D I love the cardi alot :D



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February 2007 May 2007

Sunday, May 6, 2007
*wanna me be your supplier for cardigan ? mail me (:
-now only left with the long cardigan , the short version is out of stock.
those who have ordered the short one i have sent a sms to you.
either wait for new stock of cardi which is pretty soon / i refund you.
-received dawn,shuyi payment by concealed cash & will send out asap after getting stock
-ying meetup confirm with me when wanna meet . thanks.

♥ elegant strips forever

♥big strips foryou
♥ twolayered spag (grey,green,yellow,black,white,pink,purple,green,brown)
♥small strips in love $16

1 for $15
- ptp 38cm, 80cm long
*not clips but button! (:
credit :fs-preorders
a poll at handmadeaccessories nav , serve you people better

fixed price , no swaps , thanks (:

PREORDER MINNIE& MICKY NECKLACE♥♥ ! 1 for $13 , 2 for $24
sliver necklace -50cm , compact mirror 1. heart belt - black & red ($7) 2. crown belt - white ($8)
3. glossy white , black , sliver , gold, bronze , blue , brown , red , pearlywhite , magred , leatherblack ($7) ;100cm include buckle 4. sliver double heart necklace ($7)
5. red , white , black puffy heart necklace ($7)
6. gold bear necklace ($7) 7. red , black , white ribbon+heart necklace ($7) 9.white , red , black ribbon+bear necklace ($7)
10. gold big key necklace ($7) 11.cloverheartjewels necklace ($8)
trinityknots (:12. annasuiheart necklace ($8)
13. skull & heart necklace ($8)
14. heart&key necklace ($8)

♥ jacqueline love . 7:30 AM

Thursday, February 8, 2007
( hotpink )
(white tee with black camera )
x 3 lollita , gothic clothing ! (:

♥ jacqueline love . 2:47 AM